How many tokens are released in this ICO?

12.000.000 tokens

How would the unreleased PET tokens be used?

Each e-commerce transaction on the Payshoping will create one more PET coin. This will ensure that the value of PET is not inflated.

What kind of cryptocurrencies could I purchase PET?


What are the minimum and maximum amount of PET that could be purchased every day?

The minimum amount is 50 PET
The maximum amount per transaction is 3000 PET
The maximum amount is 20,000 PET

What is PET used for?

PET is a cryptocurrency what used to pay for major e-commerce sites in the world such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and especially Payshoping.

When will Paynext be listed?

PET is expected to be listed on early 02/2018

How much will PET is expected when being listed?

5-8 USD

What exchange could I trade PETs?

Firstly, PET will be listed on Yobit, Livecoin, Coinexchange.
After that, there are Bittrex and some other big exchanges.

How long is the ICO PET duration?

1 month. From 15/12/2017 to 15/01/2018

What is PET roadmap?

You can view details of PET's roadmap Here

How to purchase PET?

You can view the guiding details to purchase Here.

How many PETs is needed to get a Lucky Spin?

At least 2000 PET to get a Lucky Spin.
Each account could only get once Luckyspin

How to get the reward when spinning Lucky Spin?

After winning the Lucky Spin, the Paynext system will send you a confirmation email and ask you to provide the necessary information for the prize. You will receive the reward after ICO.

What is Interest bonus daily on Lucky Spin?

Interest bonus daily on Lucky Spin is used on Lending package. You will get more % Interest of the reward besides daily interest.

Could I withdraw ETH/BTC after depositing to Paynext wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw ETH/BTC comfortably if you do not want to purchase PET.

Could I transfer PET tokens to others after ICO?

Yes, you can make internal transactions on

Could I change my referral?

No, you couldn't.

What is Payshoping?

Payshoping is one of the most important elements in Paynext's ecosystem. It’s an e-commerce site with a peer-to-peer form that paid by 100% PET.

What advantages does Payshoping have over other e-commerce sites?

Payshoping is the first e-commerce site that uses blockchain, Bigdata and AI technology to help optimize, prioritize the display of products according to buyer’s preferences. Especially, when you purchase at Payshoping, you will receive special offers such as discount 20 - 50%, refund up to 10%, no transaction fees or currency exchange.

Where does Paynext come from?